For over 30 years, we have been manufacturing pump systems that enable the simple and safe filling of liquids. Whether laboratories or industry, our customers rely on our product.

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The SIF-8 suction lifter is our standard model and has been tried and tested by our customers for years. The model consists of a curved suction pipe with an integrated suction body and a straight-way tap on the outlet side.

The flexible suction pipe has a wall thickness of 2 mm, giving the siphon pump good rigidity for easy handling.

The siphon is simply rinsed through for cleaning. The two-piece straight-way tap is easy to operate and can be easily dismantled for cleaning if required.

The combination of robust materials and high-quality workmanship makes the pump versatile and easy to use.

100% polyethylene (LDPE), food-safe

Manual operation of suction body and tap

Suction pipe length: 68 cm
Hose diameter: 16.5 mm

Pumping capacity
up to 8 L/min

62,00€ per piece excl. VAT

Discounts are possible for orders of 10 pieces or more.

About us


Schwarz Abfüllgeräte was founded in 1992 by the brothers Peter and Rainer Schwarz.

Starting with a manageable selection of pump systems, several additional systems were developed over the years before specializing in our best-selling pump system, the SIF product group, in recent years.


The team behind Schwarz Abfüllgeräte consists of the brothers Peter Schwarz and Rainer Schwarz. While Rainer (left in the picture) is responsible for management and sales, Peter (right in the picture) is in charge of production, development, quality control and fulfillment.

Picture from 1992

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